I have a 6 items of the same content type "news", in each item I have a field newsIntro. I want to put the fields in specific pages on another page so I need to target a specific field so it may be newsIntro on node 1702. I have tried a few things like


how do I target a specific field



There are some great resources you should take a look at while you are learning Razor:

  1. Umbraco Razor Feature Walkthrough - An eight part blog post series of many of the new Razor features in Umbraco 4.7 with examples.

  2. Razor DynamicNode Cheat Sheet - A PDF of all the properties and methods available to the Razor DynamicNode object (that includes @Model).

  3. Cultiv Razor Examples - An Umbraco website that you can download and open with WebMatrix or IIS and see various ways to access properties with Razor.

  4. Razor snippets - A compilation of different snippets, examples, etc. from Our Umbraco.

But in answer to your question, to get a property of a specific node you have to get the actual DynamicNode object first, then use the property alias to access the property value. Example:

    //Get the node
    dynamic node = Library.NodeById(1720);

    // Display the property

To access a property from the current page, you simply use Model:






First, get an IPublishedContent object from the TypedContent method and then use GetPropertyValue to retrieve the value of the field.

  int nodeId = 1720;
  IPublishedContent contentNode = Umbraco.TypedContent(nodeId);
  var newsIntro = contentNode.GetPropertyValue("newsIntro");

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    This was exactly what I needed. I needed it from within a foreach loop and so it already had the var item in selection so I just changed the above to Umbraco.TypedContent(item.Id) and left out the first line. Worked perfectly! – ahwm Oct 4 '17 at 16:50

With Umbraco 7 I used this code to get property from different pages:

  • To get it from within a foreach (using the query builder, for example) substitute the hardcoded id (1720) with item.Id. – ahwm Oct 4 '17 at 16:55

If the content item 1720 is a parent or ancestor of the page where you want to use the value, you can get it recursively like this:

@Umbraco.Field("newsIntro", recursive: true)

To get fields from content I have used this:

    var selection = Umbraco.TypedContent(contentId).Children()
                        .Where(x => x.IsVisible())
@foreach(var item in selection){

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