I am toying around with serializing and deserializing CSV files and I am wondering if there is an existing library, similar in concept to the XmlSerializer, which can declaratively define objects and (de)serialize them to/from a file or stream. I have looked around a bit but have not found anything focused on serialization. I already have pretty solid code for parsing CSV documents per RFC 4180, but what would be really helpful is the serialization part. What I am not looking for is just a parser, advice to use String.Split(), etc.

Is there an existing project out there, or should I build one?

Bonus etiquette question: if I do end up rolling my own serializer, is it appropriate to answer this question with a link to the codeplex project?


I would highly recommend servicestack.text for this purpose. Avialable on nuget:

Install-package servicestack.text

It suports serialization to many data formats and unlike the built in XmlSerializer, you don't need to decorate all your properties with attributes. Here's an example to serialize to CSV.

using ServiceStack.Text;

var csv = CsvSerializer.SerializeToCsv(new[]{
    new Dog () {
    Bark = "Woof!",
    Male = true,
    Size = 10

I've used this project (CsvHelper) in the past, and it works similar to the build in .NET serializer classes in the sense that you use attributes to craft the input/output.

There's really no need to roll your own, since there are tons out there. If you do end up rolling your own, feel free to post it. Most users, when answering a question with something they've written themselves (or are affiliated in some way) usually give a disclaimer saying so as a courtesy.


You should take a look into FileHelpers Library.

Some sample code from their site:

using FileHelpers; 

// First declare the record class 
public class SampleType 
    public string Field1; 
    public int    Field2; 

public void WriteExample() 
    FileHelperEngine engine = new FileHelperEngine(typeof(SampleType)); 

    SampleType[] records = new SampleType[1]; 

    records[0] = new SampleType(); 
    records[0].Field1 = "Hello World"; 
    records[0].Field2 = 12; 

    engine.WriteFile("destination.txt", records); 

    // Now the file contains the created record in this format: 
    // Hello World,12 

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