When the user touches the screen, a sprite is created and is able to be dragged around until the user lifts his finger. At this point, a physics body is then attached to the sprite so that it will fall to the bottom of the screen. However, when the sprite collides with another sprite/body I need it to stop being able to move. How do I check for a collision between the sprite created and any other body/sprite (the walls and any others created)?

  • calculate the size and then see if it overlaps with another object's size? – Chris Jun 20 '12 at 22:29
  • I'd have to set up an array to calculate every objects position and size then, right? – rphello101 Jun 20 '12 at 23:12

There is a rather simple collision detection implemented in AndEngine. See method collidesWith(IShape pOtherShape) Someone improved it so that it works with transparent areas, search for pixel perfect collision detection.

You can also make use of the physics engine, see sensor.

  • The problem with this is that collidesWith() detects a rectangle. – rphello101 Jul 1 '12 at 8:02

You are looking for information on Collision Detection.

It's relatively simple to implement depending on your situation. The simplest way would be to hold all your objects in an array/list and every time you move it you need to calculate its current position + area vs every other object. This will be very inefficient, but if you have a small number of objects you are probably ok.

Here is the first collision detection tutorial I did. It is for C, but the concepts are what you are looking for.


Although calculating the area would have worked, I was dealing with so many collisions that I needed a better way. It took quite a bit of time, but I finally figured out how to use a ContactListener (which was really what I was getting after. Why do these kinds of questions always get down voted when all someone really has to do is explain a bit to a novice???) Anyway, for reference to anyone else that might see this question, in your ContactListener, you can use code like this:

public void beginContact(Contact contact) {
            if(fillerNum>-1 && contact.getFixtureA().getBody().getUserData()!=null && contact.getFixtureB().getBody().getUserData()!=null){
                String x1 = (String) contact.getFixtureA().getBody().getUserData();
                String x2 = (String) contact.getFixtureB().getBody().getUserData();
                if((x1.equals("fill")&&!x2.equals("dest"))||(x2.equals("fill"))&&!x1.equals("dest")){ //If a filler hits a stationary
                    //Log.e("Contact",x1 + " " + x2); 
                if((x1.equals("dest")&&x2.equals("fill"))||(x1.equals("fill")&&x2.equals("dest"))){ //If a destroyer hits a filler

Set growing bodies to have the user data "fill" and stationary ones to have the user data "stat". I also had some other bodies with the user data "dest". This way, you can see which two collides and react accordingly. Message me if you don't understand. I have no problem helping people new to this kind of thing.

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