I have created a JSONArray of Category object which include Item object List(JSONArray) in google appengine, thus, using com.google.appengine.labs.repackaged.org.json.JSONObject I validate the resulting String here http://jsonformatter.curiousconcept.com/ and it fails.

However, at that site, if I just validate JSONObject of Category with Item List (JSONArray), the string is validated as Valid.

If I try JSONArray of Category without Item List, the string is also Valid.

Anyway, I tried to parse a JSONArray of Category which include Item List(JSONArray) with org.json.JSONObject @version 2012-05-29 on my own:

if I parse for Category like JSONObject jsonObj =jsonArray.getJSONObject(i); I get org.json.JSONException: Value ...

However I can parse for Category JSONObject jsonObj =new JSONObject(jsonArray.getString(i));

Once, I get the Category JSONObject, I can parse for Item like this JSONObject jsonItem = jsonItemArray.getJSONObject(j); fine.

I am confused with the discrepancy between jsonobject = new JSONObject(jsonArray.getString(index)[SUCCESS] vs jsonArray.getJSONObject(index)[FAILED] for my JSONArray of JSONObject with JSONArray.

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