I've been in some trouble getting the ignore_regex option working in the Sublime SFTP plugin for Sublime Text. I'm not that good with regex, though I guess this should be fairly easy

My folder structure is pretty simple:

├─── css  
│    │    some other files
│    │    in the \css folder,
│    │    etc..
│    │    
│    └─── sass  
│          │    some other files
│          │    in the \sass folder,
│          │    etc..
│          │    
│          └─── sass_subfolders 
│                   some other files 
│                   in \sass_subfolders,
│                   etc..  
├─── other_folders  

I'd like that everything in the \sass folder, and the folder itself, to be ignored by sftp for uploading/syncing.

I've tried also with the configuration suggested in this post on the sublime forum , specifing to exclude the .scss files, yet it keeps uploading/syncing upon save and so on..

  • I'm in exactly the same boat. I'd like to start using sublime full-time but there are only so many hours in the day to get workflow setup. I've a co-worker who is good with regex, if he gets back to me I'll post it here. – pspahn Jun 22 '12 at 5:00
  • @pspahn that would be great! and you are totally right, setting up things for your workflow can take lots of time, still ST2 offer so much flexibility that it can replace quite easily a lot of ides with some tweaks, the right plugins, and (unfortunately for me :P)a good dose of coding/programming skill for your specific needs.. – Gruber Jun 22 '12 at 17:23

To have an entire directory ignored by sublime sftp add it to your ignore_regexes settings like so:


I use it to ignore octopress which generates my blog but doesn't need to be on the remote server itself. I also ignore the directory on the server that holds the generated blog, but doesn't live on my local machine in the same place.

This and a few more tips are on the plugin's faq page.

  • Thank you for your input, with the code you specified it will ignore (finally) what's inside the folder and won't upload files nor sub-folders, still the folder specified is created on the remote server, is this normal or I'm doing something wrong? – Gruber Nov 21 '12 at 19:16
  • No that's not normal. The regex above should have ignored both the folder and the files inside. Make sure to sync Local -> Remote changing the regex and make sure the sync_skip_deletes config is set to false. Sorry for the late reply by the way. – Dan Lucas Dec 5 '12 at 21:06
  • No worries, thx for answering back! Unfortunately I can't test with your new suggestion as I'm away from that working setup, I'll try and update as soon as i get back. – Gruber Dec 8 '12 at 16:46
  • Ok got back and it seems you are right, i guess the issue was caused by not correct syncing, anyway syncing Local->Remote as you suggested fixed the thing! Thank you again! (for anyone wondering, you have to right click on a file in the sidebar, go to SFTP/FTP and there is sync Local->Remote) – Gruber Jan 5 '13 at 23:53

Applying the accepted answer, add the folder you want to ignore into the ignore_regexes array in sftp-config.json. But you also need to know the default settings of ignore_regexes first wbond ref. For example, if you want to add "/folder_name/" folder, the final array will look like: "ignore_regexes": ["\\.sublime-(project|workspace)", "sftp-config(-alt\\d?)?\\.json", "sftp-settings\\.json", "/venv/", "\\.svn", "\\.hg", "\\.git", "\\.bzr", "_darcs", "CVS", "\\.DS_Store", "Thumbs\\.db", "desktop\\.ini", "/folder_name/"],


Just used this to remove a few folders from the sync settings (these are folders on the server that i don't want, i only wanted the files at the root level.)

"ignore_regexes": [ "\.sublime-(project|workspace)", "sftp-config(-alt\d?)?\.json", "sftp-settings\.json", "/venv/", "\.svn/", "\.hg/", "\.git/", "\.bzr", "_darcs", "CVS", "\.DS_Store", "Thumbs\.db", "desktop\.ini","/MySQL/","/_admin/","/admin/" ],

is my setting for this, the folders i am ignoring are: MySQL _admin admin

really helpful setting, it saved me downloading 100's of MB worth of data!


Seems you should be able to just add in:

"ignore_regex": "(css/sass/|ignore/this/too)"
  • this is the first setup i tried, still when i save files in the css/sass folder these get uploaded, same happen when i sync the css folder, also the sass folder get counted. Little question about the | character: does it mean sort of "new rule after this"? or something else? – Gruber Jun 23 '12 at 13:37

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