I've made a function dump_text(std::ostream &) that dumps some text in a standard output stream. The text goes to a file or to the user console. Now, I want that text to end up in a standard string object (see the next code sample).

void dump_text(std::ostream &p_ostream)
    p_ostream << "text that must endup in string object";

class my_class
    my_class(std::string &);
    operator std::ostream & ();

int main(int, char **)
    std::string l;
    my_class k(l);


1) Is there a standard implementation of 'my_class' in the CRT-library? 2) Does anyone know a better solution to this problem of assigning text to a string using std::ostream - methods?


You would use a std::ostringstream.

#include <sstream>
using namespace std;

ostringstream out;
string value = out.str();

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