So, I have GreaseMonkey Script that does some operations with integers and then sets value via GM_setValue.


  var A = parseInt(StringA);
  var B = parseInt(StringB);
  var C = parseInt(StringC);
  var answer = parseInt(Math.floor(Math.max((A/B),1)*C));

Now this works perfectly fine in Chrome, but somehow fails in Firefox, giving

Error: Unsupported type for GM_setValue. Supported types are: string, bool, and 32 bit integers.

The value A, B and C are properly being exported, even the value of answer is calculated as expected. Checked it with alert dialogue-boxes. Only problem is, it is not setting value via GM_setValue. Earlier I wasn't doing parseInt on var answer as type of Math.floor already should return the integer, but just doing it anyway. (In both cases answer is correct, but giving errors.)

I fail to understand what's going wrong here. Any helps is greatly appreciated.

Edit: Not sure how it matters, but here's the sample output via alert("A: "+A+"\nB: "+B+"\nC: "+C+"\n\nAnswer: "+answer);

A: 41751
B: 20513
C: 190164861567

Answer: 387050803650
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  • And what is the value of answer ? – antyrat Jun 22 '12 at 10:12
  • Added sample values and output. Not sure why that matters, but still. – Hrishikesh Jun 22 '12 at 10:17

Try to add radix value to your parseInt function:

parseInt(Math.floor(Math.max((A/B),1)*C), 10);


Your value is too big for GM scripts to store. The max 32-bit supported number in mozilla 2147483647 see here.

To store your value try to convert it to string for example:

GM_setValue("answer", "" + answer + "");

or using toString() method:

GM_setValue("answer", answer.toString());
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  • That worked. I tried alert(typeof(answer)) and that gave out as number instead of integer, so I used answer.toString(). But basically you're right. Thanks. Aha, Just noticed you suggested toString too. Thanks – Hrishikesh Jun 22 '12 at 10:25

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