i want to loop trough all my delicious.com bookmarks and wrap a link arround them...

here's my testsite: http://dev.thomasveit.com/json.html

            url: "http://feeds.delicious.com/v2/json/tommyholiday",
            dataType: "jsonp",
            success: function(data){
                var bookmarks = $.map(data, function(bookmark){
                    return {
                        title: bookmark.d,
                        link: bookmark.u

                var html = "<ul>",

                for (i=0; i<bookmarks.length; i++){
                    m = bookmarks[i];

                    html += "<li><a href="+m.link+">"+m.title+"</a></li>";
                html += "</ul>";



funnily enough only the third link is getting wrapped by a link... the others not.

what am i doing wrong?


a href attribute need quotes.

html += "<li><a href="+m.link+">"+m.title+"</a></li>";

should be

html += "<li><a href='"+m.link+"'>"+m.title+"</a></li>";
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You didn't add quotes " to the href attribute.

For example:

<li><a href=http://www.designtnt.com/500-free-photoshop-patterns-your-web-designs/>500+ Must-Have Free Photoshop Patterns for Your Web Designs</a></li>

If you look at that link, it url ends with / and closes the <a> tag. The text then comes after the a tag and the the last </a> is ignored.

In my opinion the best way to create html tags is to use the DOM for both performance and bugs.

var ul = document.createElement("ul");

// inside the for
var li = document.createElement("li");
var a_tag = document.createElement("a");
a_tag.setAttribute("href", m.link);

// add the li

// end for
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