I made changes to my Vagrantfile (added config.vm.share_folder, config.vm.customize lines) and now I want them to show up on the box. Do I need to run

vagrant destroy && vagrant up

Or is it sufficient to run

vagrant reload

? I am unclear about whether vagrant reload will read anything from the Vagrantfile, since it seems to shutdown the VM and run the provisioner.


I don't think you need to destroy your VM. You can make changes to VM configuration when the VM is not running and powered down.

Try using vagrant halt and then vagrant up.

It should make the modifications to the VM as specified in Vagrantfile.

and you could also do vagrant up --no-provision to avoid re-provisioning as you bring up the VM.

and vagrant reload [vm-name] --no-provision should do the same trick.


vagrant reload is same as running vagrant halt followed by vagrant up please refer the doc for reload. Here is an excerpt from the doc

"This command is usually required for changes made in the Vagrantfile to take effect. After making any modifications to the Vagrantfile, a reload should be called." So in your case, I would suggest you to only use,

vagrant reload


vagrant reload --provision

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