I would like to connect to to irc, icq, sip, etc services using WebSockets. Assuming I have some sort implementation of those protocols in JavaScript ? Is that possible? I don't seems to understand limitations of WebSockets comparing to regular sockets.


No, you can't, at least not directly.

WebSockets allow real-time messaging between a browser and a WebSocket server, but they have their own layer 7 protocol for encapsulating those messages.

They don't provide access to a pure TCP (or UDP) socket over which you can implement existing protocols.

  • you can make a server-socket side with for e.g. PHP. The IRC RFC can be reproduced as is. – Leandro Bardelli Aug 6 '14 at 20:13
  • @Leandro and what about the client side? – Alnitak Aug 7 '14 at 7:04
  • client will use the served-translation. – Leandro Bardelli Aug 7 '14 at 18:40


The caveat is that you need something to bridge between the WebSocket transport protocol of the browser and the raw TCP socket of the existing service. For example, something like websockify (disclaimer: I created websockify). Another caveat is that websockify only supports TCP targets (WebSocket is TCP only right now so supporting UDP targets would be a little odd anyways).

The websockify project actually includes two proof of concept HTML/Javascript pages to communicate with IRC and telnet. If you are interested in leveraging websockify to build HTML/Javascript clients for some common TCP protocols, I might even pull them into the websockify repo as examples (assuming they are well coded and under an open source license.

An alternative to websockify is to integrate websocket server-side support directly into the servers you wish to communicate with. It's not all that difficult to add support. WebSocket has a very simple framing and while the handshake is compatible with HTTP servers it's actually much more restricted and simple and doesn't require a full HTTP parser. For example, libvncserver 0.9.9 now supports both regular VNC connections and VNC connections over WebSocket. This allows noVNC (which I also created) to connect directly to a libvncserver based VNC server without requiring websockify.

  • For this I need to install wbesockify on the server, right? What if I want to access an arbitrary IRC server? – Jorjon Oct 6 '12 at 10:27
  • You can run websockify on the client, on the server or on a completely different system. The browser just has to be able to open connections to websockify and websockify needs to be able to open connections to the server. – kanaka Oct 6 '12 at 18:43

Inspircd has an unofficial module you can install called m_websockets, to allow connection. A server that has the module installed and setup will allow you to connect to the server via webbsockets.



Extending on @kanaka's websockify, this project seems to do it:

A HTML5 irc-client, made with websocket and websockify.

[Has] support for autojoin, privmsg channel, topic, join, userlist, part, nick.



No, not with websockets, but you can with http.

Samy Kamkar gave a black hat talk about this.

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