I'm creating a div element and adding it to the body element and later trying to remove the element. This abbreviated code illustrates what I'm trying to do:

//create div
_backdropDiv = new DivElement();

//add div to body, this works as expected

//in some other method...
var body = window.document.query('body');

//it's odd the List<E> doesn't specify a remove method, we'll jump through some hoops...
var backdropIndex = body.elements.indexOf(_modalDiv);
body.elements.removeRange(backdropIndex, 1); //<--- NotImplementedException

So, the most obvious way to go about removing this element from the DOM doesn't work because removeRange isn't implemented. Should I be going about this another way?

On an unrelated note, why isn't there a remove() method specified on List<E>? Having to perform two operations (indexOf(), removeRange()) seems clunky.


The answer is not obvious, but deceptively simple. The Node interface (which Element extends) has a remove() method which removes it from the DOM.


Ref: http://api.dartlang.org/html/Node.html#remove

  • It's been a while, sorry for bumping, is this method still viable, or do we have something new? - Sorry for the stupid question too, but I still have traumas from JS, learning new stuff only to realize it's junk and bad practice :\ – user7047022 Sep 2 '18 at 10:47

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