I have a WordPress blog and I am using the Automatic Youtube Video Posts plugin. However, my site is in Danish and I would like for my posts to be in Danish.

Is there a way or a plugin that automatically translates the actual content of wordpress posts when they're posted?

Not just by using a real-time-translate-button, but actually changes the post data to the new language (So that it is read as Danish by google)

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Those three examples are "automatic" translators, and work on posts . they also have a caching system for google.

However, since you "auto-post" - you might need to hook to them somehow. I never really used any, but I think that at least two of those are fully automatic and create the chosen translation on publish-time of post (and not real-time).

That being said - relaying solely on google translate service (or any other automatic service) for translation will likely to produce unwanted results.

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