This is my code below. I can call my numpad but I can't hide it. How to hide it?

- (IBAction)loopBtn:(id)sender {
    loopBtn.keyboardType = UIKeyboardTypeNumberPad;
    [loopBtn becomeFirstResponder];
    [sender resignFirstResponder];

You can hide keyboard by making your UIView an UIControl (UIControl is subclass of UIView). Then Write an IBAction method that is executed when you touch that UIControl(formerly UIView). Open interface editor and select main UIView. Then open identity inspector and change it class to UIControl from UIView. Now in your viewcontroller write an IBAction method.

    [self.view endEditing:YES];

Now connect your UIView's TouchUpInside event to this IBAction method. This will hide keyboard whenever you touch outside of your textfield.

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