I'm making a website that every time you visit the home page the background color of the page changed to 1 of 10 colors. Every time I try the code below the page just stays white.

<script type="text/javascript">
function rand() {
var r = Math.floor((Math.random()*10)+1);
if (r == 1) {bgcolor('#000000', 'body');}
if (r == 2) {bgcolor('#FFFFFF', 'body');}
if (r == 3) {bgcolor('#00FF00', 'body');}
if (r == 4) {bgcolor('#FF0000', 'body');}
if (r == 5) {bgcolor('#0000FF', 'body');}
if (r == 6) {bgcolor('#FFFF00', 'body');}
if (r == 7) {bgcolor('#00FFFF', 'body');}
if (r == 8) {bgcolor('#FF00FF', 'body');}
if (r == 9) {bgcolor('#C0C0C0', 'body');}
if (r == 10) {bgcolor('#700000', 'body');}
<body id="body" onload="rand()">
  • An array would greatly reduce the number of repetitions. – Rob W Jun 24 '12 at 23:02

Because bgcolor doesn't exists. The correct command is the following:

if (r == 1) {document.body.style.backgroundColor = '#000000';}

Or you can also access it by it's CSS name:

if (r == 1) {document.body.style['background-color'] = '#000000';}

More here: http://www.ezineasp.net/post/Javascript-Change-Background-Color-Style.aspx and here CSS background color in JavaScript


you can do it like

var randomColors = ['#000000','#FFFFFF','#00FF00','#FF0000','#0000FF','#FFFF00','#00FFFF','#FF00FF','#C0C0C0','#700000']
var r = Math.floor((Math.random()*randomColors.length));
document.body.style.backgroundColor = randomColors[r];​

fiddle ( just keep hitting run )


also, this way, you can keep adding colors, or remove colors into the array


Bgcolor is not a javascript function, try the below:

document.body.bgColor = '#000000';

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