I am having a table structure in a web page as below

In this i am trying to get all the values in the tr using the HtmlUnit code as below.

<tr  class="odd" id="rawmeta-123">
       <td class="rowid">1</td>
       <td class="date">2006-04-13</td>
       <td class="date"></td>

List byXPath = page2.getByXPath("//tr[@class='odd']/td/text()");

It returns the first three and fifth td values. But the values for the for the other are not returned.(

<td></td>). How to get this value as null using HtmlUnit?

I highly appreciate your comments.

  • Please can anyone respond to this question? I am stuk up in this... – Arun Kumar Jun 25 '12 at 11:48

Are you looking for something like this : ?

HtmlTableRow tr = (HtmlTableRow) page.getByXPath("//tr[@class='odd']/");
for (HtmlTableCell td: tr.getCells() ) {
    if (td.getTextContent().isEmpty()) {
    // this is null
  • Thanks for your reply... But this doesn't work. The problem is the above getbyxpath is not parsing the tag <td></td> itself. – Arun Kumar Jun 25 '12 at 15:27

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