I'm one of the developers of Ruby (CRuby). We are working on Ruby 2.0 release (planned to release 2012/Feb).

Python has "PEP302: New Import Hooks" (2003). We are considering introducing a feature similar to PEP302 into Ruby 2.0 (CRuby 2.0) (*1). Because of this background, I'm trying to gather opinions about Python's PEP 302.

*1: I want to make a proposal which can persuade Matz. Currently, Ruby can load scripts from only the file system in a standard way.

If you have any experience or consideration about PEP 302, please share.


  1. It's a great spec. No need to change it.
  2. It is almost good, but it has this problem...
  3. If I could go back to 2003, then I would change the spec to...

I'm sorry if such a question is not suitable for StackOverflow. I posted here because I'm not sure that I can ask this question at python-dev (of course, the list is not for ruby-development).

Thank you.

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