I have a Metro application which contains 2 listviews with some list items. These 2 list views are by default coming one below the other, every time when I add one more listview to my page all are displaying one below the other. The problem is I don't want to display those listviews horizontally. I want them to be displayed side by side. So, can anyone help me in how to arrange listviews side by side which will have look of Metro apps.

Thank you.

  • Can you add some example HTML? This could be as simple as adding some divs a float:left in your style. – techsaint Jun 25 '12 at 20:39
  • 2
    @techsaint Don't need to resort to old hacks like floats, in Metro you can use Grid layout. – robertc Jun 25 '12 at 20:54


    display: -ms-grid;
    -ms-grid-rows: 1fr;
    -ms-grid-columns: 1fr 1fr;


<div class="ms-grid">
    <div data-win-control="WinJS.UI.ListView"></div>
    <div data-win-control="WinJS.UI.ListView" style="-ms-grid-column: 2;"></div>
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