Im starting to understand how Magento Event Observers work and hoping someone could help me figure out what Event I would need to seek out to get my potential module to work. I have certain products that have an attribute called "child skus" which is an array of SKU numbers of other products in my inventory.


Name: Totally Awesome Product

SKU: TP-1212

Child SKUS: GP-3232,FD-4332,VC-5332

Every time someone purchases TP-1212 I also need Magento to deduct that quantity from those child skus behind the scenes. Does anyone know if there is an event dispatcher for after a purchase has been completed that would handle something like that??

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This is a little tricky and there are most likely some edge cases not covered in the below code - Also the answer assumes the following:

  1. You wish to reduce the stock level of all associated products of the parent just purchased
  2. You wish to reduce by only 1
  3. There are no further complications or other conditions that must be met/dealt with


So, you obviously need to create a module first. The config.xml needs to declare the observer which will listen to checkout_type_onepage_save_order_after. (Note: there are other events you can listen to in order to achieve your goal).

The config.xml will contain the following code at a minimum:

<?xml version="1.0"?>

Then in your observer:


class YourCompany_YourModule_Model_Observer
    public function checkout_type_onepage_save_order_after(Varien_Event_Observer $observer)
        $order = $observer->getEvent()->getOrder();

         * Grab all product ids from the order
            $productIds = array();
        foreach ($order->getItemsCollection() as $item) {
            $productIds[] = $item->getProductId();

        foreach ($productIds as $productId) {

            $product = Mage::getModel('catalog/product')

            if (! $product->isConfigurable()) {

             * Grab all of the associated simple products
            $childProducts = Mage::getModel('catalog/product_type_configurable')
                        ->getUsedProducts(null, $product);

            foreach($childProducts as $childProduct) {

                 * in_array check below, makes sure to exclude the simple product actually 
                 * being sold as we dont want its stock level decreased twice :)
                if (! in_array($childProduct->getId(), $productIds)) {

                     * Finally, load up the stock item and decrease its qty by 1
                    $stockItem = Mage::getModel('cataloginventory/stock_item')
  • Awesome man thanks! The only difference is I would have to deduct the quantity of the sub-products by the quantity sold of the parent. I do have a working script that did this every time I ran it on a range of orders but I wanted to use the Observer to make it more seamless. Combining what I have and what you wrote up I should be good to go! – jkphl Jun 26 '12 at 16:39
  • @Drew Hunter is there any way to do reduce the quantity of ordered items, suppose i have orderd 2 product with different quantities, i want to decrement the same product quantities from the inventory, using the same observer, is it possible? – Naveenbos May 8 '15 at 6:21

There are several possibilities with simplest being just checkout_type_onepage_save_order_after

however do you also need to revert the stock if order get's cancelled or execute this only when payment is made or items are shipped?

  • No I wouldnt have to to revert back if the order was cancelled or anything special. It would just be a one way process as soon as someone submitted an order. Thanks! – jkphl Jun 25 '12 at 20:00

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