I am using CakePHP and want to create a URL to a controller/view without including the anchor tag.

In other words if I use


Then the output is a formatted link that can be displayed... but I just want the URL without the HTML around it.

echo $this->Html->url(array('controller' => 'bar', 'action' => 'display'));

With optional second parameter to make it a full URL including http:// and so on:

echo $this->Html->url(array('controller' => 'bar', 'action' => 'display'), true);

I just needed the same thing, but it changed on Cake 3. Now we have to use:

echo $this->Url->build(["controller" => "bar", "action" => "display","bar"]);

If you only need URL:

echo $this->Html->url(array('controller'=>'bar','action'=>'display'));

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