In Linux zip, is it possible to zip a folder recursively except for a given sub-path?

For instance, to zip 'base_folder' and all its sub folders except 'base_folder/sub_folder'.

Is it possible? And if so, how?

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zip -r base_folder.zip base_folder -x base_folder/sub_folder/\* base_folder/another_sub_folder/\*

(I have incorporated the improved information from your experience that you have kindly offered in your comment.)

For more information: man zip

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    zip -r zip_file.zip base_folder -x 'base_folder/first_folder_to_skip/*' 'base_folder/second_folder_to_skip/*'
    – john-jones
    Jun 28, 2012 at 15:53

You can use tar with --exclude, and use the -z option to gzip the output tar file.


find the files, exclude the folder, xargs the remaining files to tar or zip or whatever:

find /in/your/dir | grep -v 'name_of_dir_to_be_excluded' | xargs tar jcvf nameOfArchive.tar.bz2

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