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Adding items in a Listbox with multiple columns

With MFC VC++ there are two controls, ListBox and ListCtrl. But with VBA it seems we have only ListBox.

I want to create a listbox with 2 columns (Company_ID, Company_Name).

Here is what I tried:

  1. I created lstbox(control type ListBox)
  2. Row source type = value list
  3. I am taking value from user from two edit boxes and when user clicks "add" then it should be added to the listbox with 2 columns.

In the VBA code routine I added the following lines:

lstbox.ColumnCount = 2
lstbox.AddItem (Company_ID)

The following code is not working which seems to be related with adding column value:

lstbox.Column(1,lstbox.ListCount - 1) = Company_name

This gives error:

Runtime error '424' object required.

Could anyone help with vba code to add to multi column listbox.


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Simplified example (with counter):

With Me.lstbox
    .ColumnCount = 2
    .ColumnWidths = "60;60"
    .List(i, 0) = Company_ID
    .List(i, 1) = Company_name 
    i = i + 1

end with

Make sure to start the counter with 0, not 1 to fill up a listbox.

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