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PHP Captcha without session

That after I send a form I get to captcha page - than I go back to the form? How to do it? Should I use session?

I know how to implement captcha on form page but I wonder how it's done: that I get redirected to verification page ex. https://stackoverflow.com/captcha?s=f689274e-e760-482d-a008-31d4bd469f80

I don't need any specific explanation - I would like to get an idea.

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    whoa! thats a very broad question. I think you should edit it to be more specific and include some code examples. At the moment the scope is too broad! – Nicholas King Jun 27 '12 at 9:10
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    Well, the form receival page decides that it requires authorization. So it saves all $_POST fields into $_SESSION, sends a Location: redirect to the captcha page. The captcha page redirects to itself, detects previous $_SESSION[_POST] values, then redirects again to the form receival page. Form processing verifies that the captcha authorization flag is set, then finally uses the stored previous _POST values for example. – mario Jun 27 '12 at 9:19

Recaptcha has easy-to-install plugins, all you have to do is get it and follow the instructions.

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