How do you create a read-only dependancy property? What are the best-practices for doing so?

Specifically, what's stumping me the most is the fact that there's no implementation of


that takes a System.Windows.DependencyPropertyKey as a parameter.

System.Windows.DependencyProperty.RegisterReadOnly returns a DependencyPropertyKey object rather than a DependencyProperty. So how are you supposed to access your read-only dependency property if you can't make any calls to GetValue? Or are you supposed to somehow convert the DependencyPropertyKey into a plain old DependencyProperty object?

Advice and/or code would be GREATLY appreciated!


It's easy, actually (via RegisterReadOnly):

public class OwnerClass : DependencyObject // or DependencyObject inheritor
    private static readonly DependencyPropertyKey ReadOnlyPropPropertyKey
        = DependencyProperty.RegisterReadOnly("ReadOnlyProp", typeof(int), typeof(OwnerClass),
            new FrameworkPropertyMetadata(default(int),

    public static readonly DependencyProperty ReadOnlyPropProperty
        = ReadOnlyPropPropertyKey.DependencyProperty;

    public int ReadOnlyProp
        get { return (int)GetValue(ReadOnlyPropProperty); }
        protected set { SetValue(ReadOnlyPropPropertyKey, value); }

    //your other code here ...

You use the key only when you set the value in private/protected/internal code. Due to the protected ReadOnlyProp setter, this is transparent to you.

  • Can you please one real time example or requirement where we use, this ReadOnly dependency property? – Rahul Sonone Apr 9 '18 at 18:50
  • @RahulSonone anytime you don't want the property to be set from outside the control class. If you don't make it read only, you can set it in XAML etc. – Josh Noe May 9 '18 at 21:39
  • ActualWidth/ActualHeight of any control are one good example. – Flynn1179 Jun 14 '19 at 12:02

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