i have payment table fields

enter image description here

update reason and amount & total field are change negative

UPDATE payment 
SET reason = 'refund' 
WHERE uid =5 AND date = '2012-05-01' AND accid =2 

update single query is it possible?


If I understand you correctly, you also want to set amount column to positive value along with the above statement.

You can use something like this

UPDATE payment 
SET reason = 'refund', amount = amount * -1, total = total * -1
WHERE uid =5 AND date = '2012-05-01' AND accid =2
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    if we did amount=amount * -1 then positive values will become to negative – Ragavendran Ramesh Dec 31 '13 at 4:41

Use ABS(amount) if you wish to always get the positive integer.


will output 5


will also output 5

  • I like this idea better...what is a value was already negative for some reason? Then the accepted answer would switch it back to positive, which isn't what you want. – Matt O'Brien Jan 26 '16 at 0:00

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