I am reading Michael Hartl's "Ruby On Rails 3 Tutorial" and have come to the point where I am pushing my first_app to Github. When I first tried this I got the error "Permission denied: (publickey). I thought the problem was I did not have a SSH keypair for Github. So in following their advice for generation a new keypair from the URL https://help.github.com/articles/generating-ssh-keys I typed in ssh-keygen -t rsa -C "your_email@youremail.com" To which I received the error "ssh-keygen is not recognized as an external or internal command, operable program, or batch file."

I am using Windows 7 OS. So I think my problem is that this command line entry is for Mac or Linux based command lines. Can someone please tell me the Windows 7 OS equivalent of this entry, so that I can create a new SSH keypair and continue on with the tutorial?


Flip the url to windows-specific: https://help.github.com/articles/generating-ssh-keys#platform-windows and note that they say to "Open the GIT bash", not the windows CMD.


ssh-keygen is part of Openssh package which you can install separately (Look for CopSSH for Windows, which is a Windows port of OpenSSH).

  • I had to get CopSSH because OpenSSH 1.01e didn't include it. Thanks. – djangofan Jun 14 '13 at 0:59

The first step is installing open-ssh, one way is indeed by installing Git for Windows. During the installation choose the third option of being able to use the "unix" tools from the command line.

I have a small wrapper utility that loads the agent to memory in github (#selfplug) and your identities, allowing an easy use from the command line.

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