I'm using Eclipse Indigo and up until just a couple hours ago or so everything was working fine. When I just relaunched it and made a couple changes, I ran the program on my phone but my logs were not being displayed. The phone's logs are displayed in the logcat, but nothing from the project is. I have the device selected, I've tried restarting eclipse multiple times, I've reset the ADB, and I've run the commands adb usb and adb logcat (which still doesn't display my logs). I know my logs are correct: Log.e("Tag","Message"); Anyone have any other ideas?


As it turns out, it was a stupid error on my part. I had my logs set up as: Log.e("Tag","") instead of: Log.e("","Message"). Apparently, if you have the former, it won't display to the LogCat, go figure?

  • You really should use both arguments - one to identify the component that is doing the logging, the other to give the message. – Chris Stratton Jun 28 '12 at 6:15
  • Why? If i know what it is and it's only temporary, what does it matter? – rphello101 Jul 1 '12 at 4:08

I think, you haven't selected device or emulator , on which running your application,

In eclipse go to DDMS Perspective and select device or emulator on which you are running your application.

(Note: No need to restart the Eclipse)

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