Salvete! I am writing a vb.net program to update the readme files for my applications. I want to extract the version number from other compiled applications. I want to read the version number from the executable, not from its uncompiled resources.

How can I do this in vb.net without using an external tool like reshacker?

(I found this link, but it is for another language.)


You can use a function like this to do it:

Private Function GetFileVersionInfo(ByVal filename As String) As Version
    Return Version.Parse(FileVersionInfo.GetVersionInfo(filename).FileVersion)
End Function



  • Beautiful! This is a perfect answer - with code, output, etc! I spent about an hour of research trying to figure it out. However, it doesn't work on every program, it seems - at least, I know it does only work on files with the file version given in the resource, but I tried it on one particular file that does show it, but this wouldn't capture it. It seems to work on all my own programs though! – bgmCoder Jun 29 '12 at 4:00

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