What would be the syntax (if it's possible), for example, to create a table called Car_Model that has a foreign key to a table Car_Make, and give Car_Make a column which is the number of Car_Models that exist of that Car_Make.

(If this seems trivial or homework-like it's because I am just playing with some python at home trying to recreate a problem I was having at work. We use MS-SQL at work.)


SQLite doesn't supported computed columns.

However your problem can be solved with a relatively simple SQL Query, you can then create a view to make it appear like a table with the extra computed columns.

SELECT Car_Make.Name, Count(*) AS Count 
FROM Car_Make, Car_Model 
WHERE Car_Make.Id = Car_Model.Make 
GROUP BY Car_Make.Name

This should return a table similar to the following

Name      Count
----      -----
Nissan    5
Toyota    20
Ford      10

You may apply a trigger to do that. This case, I apply a division between two fields.

CREATE TRIGGER [tUnitPrice] AFTER UPDATE OF [Price], [Qty] ON [tArticles] BEGIN
    UPDATE [tArticles]
    SET    [UnitPrice] = [tArticles].[Price] / [tArticles].[Qty]
    WHERE [rowId] = [NEW].[RowId]; END;

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