I am producing many angle histogram plots using rose2.m. I would like the scale showing the number of elements in each bin to range between 0-50, increasing by increments of 10, for all plots, even if the max number of elements on a particular plot is less than 50. Does anyone know how I can do this please? Thanks.


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This question is the same as this one but you are looking at a special case of rose2.

I was able to lock the max value to 50 with the following code. First I plot an empty point at 50 then hold on to lock the plot. rose2 then uses those bounds.

The code:

x = (rand(100,1)*pi);

maxHistogramValue = 50;

% Set the max value to maxHistogramValue:
polar(0, maxHistogramValue,'-k')
hold on;

% Now use rose2:

Here is another example (based on @Steve's idea):

%# data and angular histogram
x = rand(400,1) .* 2*pi;
[t,r] = rose(x);                %# this does not generate a plot

%# set plot's max radial ticks
rMax = 50;
h = polar(0, rMax);
set(gca, 'Nextplot','add')

%# draw patches instead of lines: polar(t,r)
[x,y] = pol2cart(t,r);
h = patch(reshape(x,4,[]), reshape(y,4,[]), 'b');
alpha(h, 0.5)       %# note: this switches to OpenGL renderer


This way you get to control the maximum radius, though you can't really control the number of steps (POLAR function always prefers around 5 radial ticks; see the source code).


I'm not entirely clear on what rose2.m is, but I'd imagine that you can set your own scale/legend if you have the necessary data to do so.

It sounds like you have an array/vector of angle that range between 0 and 50. We'll call that angleArray for now.

To get the number of elements that fall into each bin (0-50 in 10 unit incriments) you can use the following line of code:

binCounts = histc(angleArray, 0:10:50);

binCounts will be a 1 by n, where n is length(0:10:50) and have the counts of the number of values for each bin. That data can then be used to populate your scale.

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