Problem Statement- I want to copy some files from remote machine (linux) to my windows machine. I know I can do it using pscp.

I tried looking on the internet, I found several articles, but in those articles I was not able to understand and I was having lot of problems in copying the files from Linx box to Windows.

Can anyone provide me step by step method here, so that I can follow that to transfer files. That will be of great help to me.

I am connected to host cli.vip.host.com using putty and that is linux with username- rkost and password as- password. And I want to copy file a.txt from linux to windows.

  1. Download PSCP from below link


  2. Run PSCP

  3. Got to command prompt

  4. Use the below code

    Copy single file

    pscp user@host:remote_path/file_name host_path\file_name
    eg: pscp user1@ c:\Desktop\a.txt

    Copy all files in a folder

    pscp user@host:remote_path/* host_path\ 
    eg: pscp user1@* c:\Desktop\test\ 

    Copy all files & folders in a folder

    pscp -r user@host:remote_path/ host_path\
    eg: pscp -r user1@ c:\Desktop\test\
  • is it possible to tar a directory on linux and send it to windows using pscp? – amandanovaes Jun 4 '19 at 2:16

For this kind of problem I use all the time netcat. First, you start netcat as server on a machine with an ip IP_address, and afterwards you send the file from the other machine.

nc -l -p <port-number> > out_file

will start it as server in "listen" state, and will save what you send to it in the file "out_file".(check the man page of your version for more parameters.)

From the other machine you send the file something like this:

 < file_to_send nc IP_address

(If you want to send an whole directory, you use tar )

I never used it under Windows (because I work as linux engineer). But you can find nc for windows, that work the same as in linux...

  • There is a direct way to copy using ssh (you do not neet to install scp). If you look at the command "ssh", you see that its last optional parameters are [user@]hostname [command]. So, instead of executing a remote shell, you can replace the default "bash" by a command, and you can copy so: ssh user@ip cat file >out. This will copy the remote file into the local file "out". scp is syntactic sugar for this call of ssh. – alinsoar Jun 28 '12 at 19:23

if you want to use pscp, you can do this:

pscp -pw password rkost@cli.vip.host.com:/path/to/file c:\path\

if this doesn't work try to add enviroment variable:

set PATH=C:\path\to\putty\directory;%PATH%
  1. Make sure you are connected to your vpn server, (i.e. cli.vip.host.com)
  2. use following command from your windows machine

    pscp -v rkost@remote_ip_addr:/path/to/file/a.txt c:/some_location/

  3. you can see the verbose with -v flag.

  4. If you wants to copy directory from remote linux machine to your windows just refer my answer in this PSCP copy files from godaddy to my windows machine

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