Here is the scenario:

User 1

  1. create branches/X
  2. svn checkout branches/X to local machine
  3. modify file.txt
  4. commit changes

Another user, User 2,

  1. create branches/Y
  2. svn checkout branches/Y to his local machine
  3. merge branches/X to local machine (and thus merges file.txt into branches/Y)
  4. use svn diff to verify that the changes to file.txt in the local copy of branches/Y succeeded before committing the change.

Since svn diff can not compare the local working copy to that of a URL, step 4 of User 2 is impossible to do without first committing the change to branches/Y. But this defeats the whole purpose of verifying that a merge has produced the correct results before committing the merge changes.

I have googled for this, but have not found any usable solution. Only recommended solution is to check out branches/X so that svn can compare two paths. Since the merge changes have not been checked in yet, I can not use svn diff with two URL's.

It is impractical, not to mention time consuming and tedious, to checkout both branches/X and branches/Y just so that I can perform a diff.

Is there any way to compare the merged changes in a local working copy, which have not been committed yet, with those from the merge branch?

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    It seems to me that between (2)(svn checkout Y) and (3)(svn merge X), if there are changes in Y / an existing file file.txt, you should commit Y before merging X to it, making it perfectly possible to just do a svn diff / svn diff -rHEAD on the checkout. – Wrikken Jun 28 '12 at 21:11
  • There is no question... Cannot understand what your problem is.. – Peter Parker Jun 28 '12 at 21:31
  • There are no local changes to file.txt in branches/Y. Therefore, there is nothing to commit. file.txt is only modified by merging in the version from branches/X. I need to compare the resulting file.txt generated by subversion's merge with the original copy in branches/X to confirm that subversion merged in the changes correctly before committing those changes to my local working copy, which is branches/Y. – joneric wennerstrom Jun 29 '12 at 13:54

Johan Corveleyn provided me with the answer. I'm posting it here so that others can see the answer.

svn diff can indeed compare a working copy file on your local path with another version in the repository, and hence referenced via a URL. Below is the syntax:

svn diff --old=http://repository/branches/X/file.txt --new=file.txt

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