I've been reading up about MVC 4 and was interested in the web API feature. In what scenarios would it be advantageous to use web api over a WCF Http service?


Web API provides far more access to all aspects of the HTTP interaction. It was designed from the ground up around the HTTP spec. WCF is fine if you are just using HTTP to get through the firewall. If you really want to use HTTP as an application protocol, you will find Web API much easier.


Web API is advantageous when you are using HTTP as an application protocol -- that is, when the behavior of your application is controlled by HTTP control flow and data elements rather than by some additional data that is merely transmitted via HTTP. For example, you might use HTTP verbs (GET, POST, DELETE, PATCH, etc.) to describe the intended action of a web service request rather than wrapping that information in application-specific XML or JSON and using HTTP as a carrier.

Web API makes it easy to perform first-class HTTP programming, and in the Internet age, this is an important feature. Despite the tremendous diversity of client-service communication infrastructure across the Web, clients and services can be optimized for creating a first-class experience around a common application protocol: HTTP.

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