According to the W3 CSS spec, something like: input[type~="text password"] should select input fields whose type is set to either "text" or "password", but it doesn't work! Did I misinterpret this line?

E[foo~="warning"] Matches any E element whose "foo" attribute value is a list of space-separated values, one of which is exactly equal to "warning".

CSS spec source, it's the fourth from the bottom in the table.

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Yep, you've got it round the wrong way. The selector is to search within a space seperated list.. i.e.

<element attribute="text password" />

you could find using:


The benefit of this is that it shouldn't match:

<element attribute="textual password" />

Hope that helps?

To achieve what you're actually trying to do is a bit more verbose:

input[type="text"], input[type="password"]

You are reading it wrong. E[foo~="warning"] will select any element that has warning it a space separated list. Like this: <el foo="test warning etc" />

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