I am trying to plot a horizontal histogram in gnuplot.

This is my current vertival (usual kind) histogram:

set boxwidth width*0.9
set style fill solid 0.5
plot "a" u (hist($2,width)):(1.0) smooth freq w boxes lc 3 notitle

Now what I need is the exact same result but rotated 90degrees clockwise.

I have tried this below but results are really not what I expect.

set boxwidth width*0.9
set style fill solid 0.5
plot "a" u (1.0):(hist($2,width)) smooth freq w boxes lc 3 notitle

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Although, this question is rather old and basically answered, let me give an update with an illustration, just for the records.

As far as I know, in current gnuplot (5.4.0) there is still no dedicated horizontal histogram style, probably because you can simply achieve it with boxxyerror (if you know how) as already mentioned in the answers of users @pygrac and @adhip agarwala and in the answer linked by @Christoph. So, there is and was no need to create a vertical histogram and rotate it, because the plotting style boxxyerror existed already in gnuplot 4.0 (2004) or even earlier.

Since gnuplot 5.0.0 (2015) datablocks are available, so there is no need anymore to write the histogram data smooth freq into a file on disk.

Script: (works for gnuplot>=5.0.0)

### horizontal histogram
reset session

# create some random test data
set table $Data
    set samples 2000
    plot '+' u (invnorm(rand(0))+2):(1)   w table, \
         '+' u (invnorm(rand(0))-2):(0.5) w table
unset table

binwidth = 0.25
bin(x)   = binwidth * floor(x/binwidth)

set table $Histo
    plot $Data u (bin($1)):2 smooth freq
unset table

set style fill solid 0.5

plot $Histo u ($2/2):1:($2/2):(binwidth/2.) w boxxy ti "Horizontal Histogram"
### end of script


enter image description here


While there is yet no generic support for horizontal plots in gnuplot, you can make quite decent horizontal barplots using the boxxyerrorbars style. It has a 6-column input (x, y, xlow, xhigh, ylow, yhigh). You just need to calculate the values for your bars yourself beforehand.

I just did something like this ($2 refers to 'center'):

plot 'datafile.csv' using 'median':'center':'min':'max':($2-0.4):($2+0.4) with boxxyerrorbars

If you want category text-labels along the y-axis, here we go (I take them from the first column in my datafile):

plot 'datafile.csv' using 'median':'center':'min':'max':($2-0.4):($2+0.4):ytic(1) with boxxyerrorbars


Thanks. This works. Here is a consistent way doing the whole thing. First print the usual output of the data file in a table format in another file say, datatable.txt

bin(x,width)=width*floor(x/width) + binwidth/2.0    
set table    
set output 'datatable.txt'    
plot './datafile.txt' using (bin($1,binwidth)):(1.0) smooth freq w p    
unset table

set output "horizontalhist.png"    
pl './datatable.txt' u 2:1:(0.0):2:(($1)-(binwidth/2.0)):(($1)+(binwidth/2.0)) w boxxyerrorbars   

This should give you the horizontal histograms.


If bitmap output is the sole concern, one can also employ the convert command of the ImageMagick suite after rendering the histogram with gnuplot.

convert -rotate 90 figure_in.png figure_out.png

Prior to doing this, rotate all labels within gnuplot with the rotate directive.

Examples and further details are provided here.

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