For CakePHP errors I know that there exists CakeError and AppError solutions. But I need to make a redirection within controller.

In AppController there exists:

function afterFilter() {
    if ($this->response->statusCode() == '404')
            'controller' => 'mycontroller',
            'action' => 'error', 404),404

But this doesn't create a 404 status code. It creates a 302 code. I changed code to this:

$this->redirect('/mycontroller/error/404', 404);

But the result is same.

I added this, it didn't work also deprecated:

$this->header('http/1.0 404 not found');

How can I send a 404 code within controller redirect ?


If you want to return a 404 error, use the built in CakeError support for it:

throw new NotFoundException();

You can throw this exception from your controller and it should generate a 404 response.

There are more built-in exceptions here.

If you are interested in making a custom error page, then see this post.

Otherwise, I don't think it is possible to return a 404 header code and still redirect. Http specifies redirect status codes to be in the 300s, and this is the convention CakePHP follows.

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For some reason using redirect() will change the status code to 3xx. If you want to execute another action and still return 404, you can do as follows:


This will execute Mycontroller::error(404) without redirect.

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CakePHP 3

use Cake\Network\Exception\NotFoundException;
throw new NotFoundException(__('Article not found'));
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