Does anyone know a way to embed a PPT file (powerpoint) into a HTML?

I found solutions like embed through an iframe by Office Web App and/or Google Docs. I tried them and works fine into the HTML, but in my case I need to have the PPT file into a personal server.

Other options I found are like Embedit.in, a flash embed that shows th PPT (no convert the PPT to SWF (flash format)).

But, I still looking for a way for show a PPT file saved in a personal server into a HTML, any idea? any webservice for this problem?


Before PowePoint 2010 you could save the ppt to html using PowerPoint API.

Did you checked also for api vendors? It's a common issue probably there api to do that.



Convert the ppt to pdf and use the code generator @ http://pdfobject.com/generator.php .

Use standard (not java) .

There in one small mistake in the code they generate Remove the hashtag # at the end of the url.

  • Note: It may be possible (but I doubt it) to embed a ppt with the same code, replacing type='application/pdf' with type='application/ppt' – Eddie Edwards Aug 15 '14 at 5:17

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