I use the Notification.Builder to build a notification. Now I want to use the default sound notification with:

builder.setSound(Uri sound)

But where is the Uri to the default notification?


try using RingtoneManager to get Default Notification Uri as:

Uri uri= RingtoneManager.getDefaultUri(RingtoneManager.TYPE_NOTIFICATION);

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    Thanks. But i have seen i can use setDefaults(Notification.DEFAULT_SOUND) too ;-) – StefMa Jun 30 '12 at 8:53
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    you can use both. – ρяσѕρєя K Jun 30 '12 at 8:55
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    you can pass this one also Settings.System.DEFAULT_NOTIFICATION_URI – Pratik Butani AndroidDev Jan 2 '14 at 11:51

builder.setSound(Settings.System.DEFAULT_NOTIFICATION_URI) works as well

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    Settings comes from import android.provider.Settings; – Chris Knight Oct 10 '13 at 22:16
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    Actually, this URI seems to not work in the ICS emulator – U Avalos Nov 3 '13 at 17:52

The two options to use the Default Notification Sound are:


or using RingtoneManager Class:


all of these methods work

  1. mBuilder.setSound(RingtoneManager.getDefaultUri(RingtoneManager.TYPE_NOTIFICATION));

  2. mBuilder.setSound(Settings.System.DEFAULT_NOTIFICATION_URI);

  3. mBuilder.setDefaults(Notification.DEFAULT_SOUND);

Google Documentation


You can use this as well:

Uri uri = Uri.parse(PreferenceManager.getDefaultSharedPreferences(this).
            getString("pref_tone", "content://settings/system/notification_sound"));
  • I want to get application channel sound not default system sound tried with NotificationChannel channel = new NotificationChannel(ApplicationClass.getInstance().HighNotificationChannelID, getString(R.string.incoming_sms), NotificationManager.IMPORTANCE_HIGH); channel.getSound(); returns default system sound please help – Sagar Dec 26 '18 at 12:57

For system default notification

Uri uri= RingtoneManager.getDefaultUri(RingtoneManager.TYPE_NOTIFICATION);

For custom notification

Uri customSoundUri = Uri.parse("android.resource://" + getPackageName() + "/" + R.raw.twirl);

Source of notification sound (I renamed to "twirl" and placed in res->raw folder)


Notification builder:

NotificationCompat.Builder mBuilder =
                new NotificationCompat.Builder(this)
                        .setContentTitle("Title here")
                        .setContentText("Body here")

NotificationManager mNotifyMgr =
                (NotificationManager) getSystemService(NOTIFICATION_SERVICE);

mNotifyMgr.notify(id, mBuilder.build());

If somebody still need, this works absolutely fine with sound and vibration.

        Context context = getApplicationContext();
    long[] vibrate = new long[] { 1000, 1000, 1000, 1000, 1000 };
    Intent notificationIntent = new Intent(context, MainActivity.class);

    PendingIntent contentIntent = PendingIntent.getActivity(context,
            0, notificationIntent,

    Resources res = context.getResources();
    Notification.Builder builder = new Notification.Builder(context);

            .setContentText("Notification text"); 

    // Notification notification = builder.getNotification(); // until API 16
    Notification notification = builder.build();

    NotificationManager notificationManager = (NotificationManager) context
    notificationManager.notify(NOTIFY_ID, notification);

If you would like disable for example vibration change vibrate to new long[] { 0,0,0,0,0}; Almost similar thing you can do with sound or use if else statement.

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