i want to disable click function untill every code in it; initialized and completed.

i read these articles and tried what they said but cant make it happen: event.preventDefault() vs. return false + Best way to remove an event handler in jQuery? + jQuery - Disable Click until all chained animations are complete

i prepared simple example for this question:

This is DEMO


<div class="ele">1</div>
<div class="ele">2</div>
<div class="ele">3</div>


$('.ele').click(function() {

    if ( !$('.ele').is(':animated') ) {//this works too but;
                         //is:animate duration returns = 2000 but need to be 4000
    return false;

Use on() and off() to turn the click function on/off :

$('.ele').on('click', animateEle);

function animateEle(e) {
    $(e.target).off('click').stop().animate({'top':'100px'},4000, function() {
        $(e.target).on('click', animateEle);



You can try this:

var exec_a1 = true, exec_a2 = true;
$('.ele').click(function() {
    if (exec_a1 && exec_a2) {
        exec_a1 = false;
        exec_a2 = false;

        $('.ele').stop().animate({'top': '0px'}, 2000, function() {
            exec_a1 = true;
        $(this).stop().animate({'top': '100px'}, 4000, function() {
            exec_a2 = true;
    return false;

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