I need to create a website that works with widgets. I've found a way to create a layout like Google IG, but I also want to be able to resize widgets. It should be possible that a widget spans two columns with other smaller widgets above or beneath it. An example of what I want can be found at the Protopage website.

In short, I want to:

1. Use widgets
2. Be able to resize widgets in both height and width
3. Add and remove widgets
4. Move widgets

If I would have documentation on how to create a website like Protopage, I'd have enough information I think.

I want to create an Azure Web Role with MVC3 using JQuery. JQuery would be the most important part for creating widgets, so is there a framework/plugin that works best for this? I've seen both Isotope and Masonry, but they both don't show how to resize or move widgets by drag and drop. Any help would be appreciated.


This little plugin allows them to be dragged & re-sized and they do "snap" to one another. They don't snap to a "grid" on the page, but to each other. https://github.com/polomoshnov/jQuery-UI-Resizable-Snap-extension Demo: http://fiddle.jshell.net/5xB7S/show/light/

UPDATE: Here is a start of one from scratch if you don't want a plug-in. Shouldn't be too hard to create it exactly as you want from scratch.


Here is some of the code, see fiddle for everything...

#grid table{ position:absolute; width:600px; top:0px; }
#grid table td{ height:150px; width:300px; }

.item { position:absolute; width: 300px; height: 150px; background: rgba(54, 25, 25, .5); }
#item1 { top:10px; }
#item2 { top:160px; }
#item3 { top:310px; }

$(function() {
    $( "#item1" ).resizable({ grid: 300 });
    $( "#item2" ).resizable({ grid: 300 });
    $( "#item3" ).resizable({ grid: 300 });

    $( "#item1" ).draggable({ grid: [ 300, 150 ] });
    $( "#item2" ).draggable({ grid: [ 300, 150 ] });
    $( "#item3" ).draggable({ grid: [ 300, 150 ] });

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