I am trying to login into my Prestashop admin.

  1. When use forgot password link it says =>employee does not exist
  2. I try to change in phpMyAdmin ps_employee table after changing when I try to login it again gives error => 1.employee does not exist, or bad password
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You can save the result of the next query in the passwd field of the ps_employee table:

SELECT MD5(CONCAT("your cookie key","your new pass"))

The cookie key value is defined in 'config\settings.inc.php'

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yet another way to change the password under linux: to generate new md5 hash, from your prestashop folder:

echo -ne `cat config/settings.inc.php | grep _COOKIE_KEY | cut -d "'" -f 4`password | md5sum

copy the resulting hash into passwd column of the ps_employee (ps_ is the prefix you set during install, it can be something different) relevant to your user

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