I got a scenario that under certain condition in build_access_token method in my customized OmniAuth::Strategies module, I need to redirect to browser to another link. But I got NoMethodError for redirect_to (because strategy is in Rack context).

redirect_to new_path

I also tried

Rack::Response.new(["302 Moved"], 302, 'Location' => new_path).finish

But failed. Seems there is a deep call stack for Rack.

If I raise the error in strategies, it can't be catched in ApplicationController.

How can I use redirect_to in OmniAuth::Strategies?


I found a work around for my scenario. From the build_access_token, I create and return an empty access_token with a customized flag. So the callback controller can process the flag and do redirect.

It's hard to do redirect in callback_phase (OmniAuth::Strategies) within Rack context, since there are quite a deep call stack.

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