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What's in your .emacs?

I've started to use Emacs and I've been looking up ways to improve my .emacs file. Some of the stuff goes over my head.

But what I wanted to know is what is in your .emacs file that your couldn't go without.

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You can find my .emacs at github, all settings are split into separate files (for different programming languages, etc.), located in rc subdirectory

(setq visible-bell t)

Nothing irritates me more than that god forsaken beep.


I suggest Steve Yegge's .emacs file with his emacs article.

  • Steve Yegge is the reason I got into emacs :) – Stephen Jul 15 '09 at 11:57

Answering your question tangentially, there is one thing that I try not to put in my .emacs; UI settings. The reason is that usually, these things can be done in your .Xresources file (or Windows registry), which saves quite a bit of time starting up emacs.

Want to disable the tool/menu bar? Set the default fonts? Use a colour theme? All things that can be set as X resources.

  • This is a cool answer. I do have some UI settings in my .emacs and it is annoying how it visibly changed on start up. – Stephen Jul 15 '09 at 11:55
  • How often do you restart emacs? – jrockway Jul 16 '09 at 21:03

Steve Yegge's is my favourite.

And also check this link. http://www.dotemacs.de/


You may try to my one: http://github.com/crible/emacs

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