I am very new to the field of quants but i was just wondering if matrices can be used to identify the arbitrage opportunity available in multi currency conversions. It would be sort of a shortest path finding problem or minimum cost algorithm used in different other problem sets.

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This algorithms book explains (or hints, since it's an exercise), how to do it using logarithms then a classic shortest path. It was a fun problem.


For the question "are matrices useful to identify arbitrage opportunities available in multi-currency conversions?", the answer is yes. You would use a matrix to store each conversion rate from currency i to currency j in cell (i,j).

For the question "would an algorithm that finds such opportunities be similar to a shortest path finding problem?", the answer is also yes. Given the matrix for a problem, you would apply an algorithm that only resembles the Floyd-Warshall algorithm.

For a full explanation have a look here.

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