I'm in the process of generating tiles with generate_tiles.py and I'd like to write a Python app to display them instead of having a web interface. Does anything like that already exist or is there information somewhere on how to write such an app myself?


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You can look/edit your map using a desktop application like Tilemill or QGIS (I can't really guess why are you generating tiles if it is not for a web application).

Tilestache has an internal webserver you can use for testing, it's easy to get it running just using config files.

A few pointers to get you started (or keep you busy for a few weeks):

Server side libraries and applications

  • TileStache: very easy to use tile server and tile cache
  • Mapnik: underlying library behind tilestache and tilemill
  • TileLite: lightweight Python tile-server
  • MapOSMatic: written in Python/Django + mapnik ?

Client side libraries

  • Leaflet: client side library a lot like Google Maps API
  • OpenLayers: makes it easy to put a dynamic map in any web page
  • Wax: adds common utilities to minimal mapping libraries
  • Modest maps: a simple platform to build upon
  • Mapstraction: common interface for numerous javascript mapping libraries

Tools for custom map creation

  • Tilemill: like css for maps (awesome)
  • OSGeo4W: must have geospatial toolbox for windows


Some related videos from PyCon2012

Some interesting applications to get you inspired:

  • someone suggested that mapOsMatic should be removed from the list because according to his experience it is not a usable library and the web service is very buggy. I can't confirm but looks like the project is not very active right now. Nov 25, 2013 at 3:36

Quoting the OP:

I'd like to write a Python app to display them instead of having a web interface

I have the same request (more specifically, I need to show an interactive map within an already existing GTK+ desktop application), I didn't see the question answered here, so I went to look for direct reference information. There I see three options:

Paulo Scardine very complete overview focuses on web interface, and does not mention them.

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