I am struggling with the requirejs optimizer. This code will work if I just load it in the browser without optimization. If I run the optimizer I get

: ENOENT, no such file or directory 'C:\Users\dev\checkout\src\main\webapp\resources\scripts\

In module tree: main

This is the code

paths : {
    jquery : "lib/jquery",
    bootstrap : "lib/bootstrap",
    modals : "lib/modals",
    tablesort : "lib/tablesort",
    json2 : "lib/json2"

shim : {
    "bootstrap" : [ "jquery" ],
    "modals" : [ "jquery" ],
    "tablesort" : [ "jquery" ],
    "json2" : [ "jquery" ]

require([ "jquery", "json2","bootstrap", "modals", "tablesort", "registermodule",    "personsmodule" ], function($) {

What needs to be done to get the optimizer working? I tried putting lib/json2 in the require. Then I get jQuery issues because it is non AMD modules.

Edit: still struggling with this one. Tried the simpliest example. Works fine in browser but the optimizer complains about not finding the files. lib/jquery.js and lib/modal.js.

paths : {
    jquery : "lib/jquery",
    modals : "lib/modals"

shim : {
    "bootstrap" : [ "jquery" ],
    "modals" : [ "jquery" ]

require([ "jquery", "modals" ], function($) {


  • I am stuck with the same problem! Any progress? – Marcelo De Zen Jul 12 '12 at 13:55
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The problem: the require.config() is not parsed by r.js. That configuration is only for runtime. For r.js we need to create another file to configure the paths and other stuff.

Create a file (e.g app.build.js) and configure the paths

   appDir: "../",
   baseUrl: "./",
   dir: "dist",
   modules: [
            name: "bootloader"
    paths: {
       // libraries path
      "json": "lib/json2",
      "jquery": "lib/jquery",
      "underscore": "lib/underscore",
      "bootstrap": "lib/bootstrap",
      "backbone": "lib/backbone",
      "hogan": "lib/hogan",

       // require plugins
      "css": "lib/css",
      "hgn": "lib/hgn",
      "text": "lib/text"

run the optimizer:

$r.js -o app.build.js

More details here: http://japhr.blogspot.it/2011/12/optimizing-requirejs-part-2.html

Build file options: http://requirejs.org/docs/optimization.html#wholeproject

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    Thanks you very much! – pethel Jul 13 '12 at 6:03

See mainConfigFile. This was put into place so you do not have to copy your require configuration into runtime/optimize-time files, keeping your build DRY:

//By default all the configuration for optimization happens from the command
//line or by properties in the config file, and configuration that was
//passed to requirejs as part of the app's runtime "main" JS file is *not*
//considered. However, if you prefer the "main" JS file configuration
//to be read for the build so that you do not have to duplicate the values
//in a separate configuration, set this property to the location of that
//main JS file. The first requirejs({}), require({}), requirejs.config({}),
//or require.config({}) call found in that file will be used.
mainConfigFile: '../some/path/to/main.js',
  • I didn't know that. This is a very convenient to keep things simple while in dev stage. Nice. – Marcelo De Zen Oct 24 '13 at 9:58
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    Perfect, you rock! – Willem Ellis Dec 3 '13 at 1:59

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