I have ftp server in my local machine using MFT Internet Server. I am trying to upload / download the files from the MFT Internet server.

I could not transfer files from fileZilla to MFT Internet Server. It says

Status: Starting upload of C:\fileZilla\Rs.766Transferred.jpg
Command: PASV
Response: 227 Entering Passive Mode (10,231,0,108,7,138)
Command: STOR Rs.766Transferred.jpg
Response: 150 Opening data connection for transferdirectory
Response: 426 Transfer failed. AuditID=A70420000444
Error: File transfer failed

I could not find any solution for the above. Please help me to fix this.



The FTP server answers with an FTP error code (error 426). I never have seen "AuditID" before, so it might be some special (error) code your FTP server is trying to tell you. Check the FTP server documentation.

A quick Internet search lead to the TIBCO MFT Internet Server User Guide, which refers to "AuditID" in section (page 101). I have no idea about their concept of branching and FTP transfers, so I leave you alone there. Hope it helped.

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