I am experimenting with Dart. I have created an on click event like so: query('.numbutton').on.click.add((e) { window.alert('click!'); });

I have multiple buttons using the class numbutton: <input type="button" class="numbutton" value="1"> <input type="button" class="numbutton" value="2"> <input type="button" class="numbutton" value="3">

When I click the 1 button an alert pops up that says click! but if I click the 2 or 3 button nothing happens. I have tried this with jQuery and it works just fine:


What am I missing with DART?

final List<Element> elements = queryAll('.numbutton');
for(Element e in elements) {
    e.on.click.add((e) => print('clicked!'));


queryAll('.numbutton').forEach((e) => e.on.click.add((e) => print('NPE-safe one-liner!')));
  • Thank you, that was what I was looking for. – abarbaneld Jul 4 '12 at 15:32

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