I do some android work on my desktop and I am starting to do some PHP work on a website. I just started doing some collaboration with some freelancers on both platforms. I would also like to do more coding on my laptop (android and eclipse export and importing is annoying). I have a GoDaddy shared hosting and a neglected Ubuntu 11.04 server at home.

I need to setup something to make this all easier, should I do some sort of SVN? I don't make much money on my projects, so I don't want to pay for an online repository. Any suggestions?

  • "Dropbox" could be an alternative for you. – Simon Forsberg Jul 4 '12 at 17:46

Bitbucket would be your best bet which is free for private repos and uses git


A DVCS such as Git or Mercurial. Both can have online repositories set up on any server with shell access.


You can go with free svn/git provided by assembla and you can select free plan also from this link http://www.assembla.com/catalog/tag/Free?type=private


You can try git free version needs to be open or google drive could be a.better option as its free, its desktop app could automatically sync your data online.

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