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How can I convert a string to boolean in JavaScript?

I have a select list with 2 options in it, yes or no, something like:

   <select size="1">
     <option value="true">yes</option>
     <option value="false">no</option>

Now i want to use the selected value in the jquery-UI button disabled property , means :

  $("button").button({ disabled : $("select").val() });

Now my problem is that the value which we will get by $("select").val() is string and for

disabled property we need boolean. So i want to know that is there any method just like

pareInt or parseFloat by which we can convert a string to boolean ?

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  • because of the ambiguity, you should specify what you consider true or false... By nature, all non-empty strings are true, even the string "false". Do you want this to happen? be more specific please – ajax333221 Jul 4 '12 at 18:34
var value = ('true' === $("select").val() );

You can use the third one:

var num = +something; //toNumber
var str = something + ""; //toString
var bol = !!something; //toBoolean

That will turn 0, "", false, null, undefined, NaN to false, and everything else to true

But using my deduction powers, you want something like "false" -> false, for this you can use one of these:

var bol = something === "true"; //false for anything different than true
var bol = something !== "false"; //true for anything different than false
var myBoolean = (myString === 'true') ? true : false;
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    ternary operator not necessary, you can use the equality result directly: var myBoolean = myString === 'true'; – ajax333221 Jul 4 '12 at 18:36
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Something like

$("select").val() == 'true'

should do the trick.


Depends how many times you want to do it. If its going to be littered throughout your code I would add in a function like:

Boolean.parse = function (str) {
  switch (str.toLowerCase ()) {
    case "true":
      return true;
    case "false":
      return false;
      throw new Error ("Boolean.parse: Cannot convert string to boolean.");

Try with this code:

var myBool = myString == "true";

How about writing your own?

I'm not exactly firm in JavaScript Syntax but try this:

function a(inputString)
    if(inputString == "true")
        return true;
    if(inputString == "false")
        return false;

I'm sure there are better solutions. This one is just from the top of my head.

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