in MainDlg Function

LRESULT CMainDlg::OnDo(WORD wNotifyCode, WORD wID, HWND hWndCtl, BOOL& bHandled)

    CMyDlg* dlg = new CMyDlg;// it could be CMainDlg member var
    //dlg.pMain = this; // i want to SendMessage(pMain.m_hWnd...) in CMyDlg...but it don't     
    //  work...
    return 0;


in CMyDlg

 class CMyDlg : public CDialogImpl<CMyDlg>, public CUpdateUI<CMyDlg>,
public CMessageFilter, public CIdleHandler, 
public CWinDataExchange<CMyDlg>,
public CDialogResize<CMyDlg>

LRESULT CMyDlg::OnCancel(WORD /*wNotifyCode*/, WORD wID, HWND /*hWndCtl*/, BOOL&   /*bHandled*/)


so the CMyDlg* dlg pointer will be lost... (memory leak)

i google for modelss dialog .note that message in

note:This sample uses a very simple mechanism: It performs delete this in PostNcDestroy — a function that is called after the nonclient area of the box has been destroyed.

but that's in MFC .I use it for WTL . when delete this; it will be asserted on

virtual ~CWindowImplRoot()
  #ifdef _DEBUG
    if(m_hWnd != NULL)  // should be cleared in WindowProc
        ATLTRACE(atlTraceWindowing, 0, _T("ERROR - Object deleted before window was destroyed\n"));
  #endif //_DEBUG


what is the right way that delete the pointer to a modeless dialog ?

Thank your help!


OnFinalMessage is WTL's equivalent to MFC's PostNCDestroy and you can safely let your frame window "suicide" in there :)

void CSetRecordInfoDlg::OnFinalMessage( HWND /*hWnd*/ )
    delete this;

that works!

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OnFinalMessage is WTL's equivalent to MFC's PostNCDestroy and you can safely let your frame window "suicide" in there.


Per the MSDN documentation:

"The default handlers call the EndDialog member function to close the dialog window. You can also call EndDialog from your own code...

"To arrange for closing and deleting a modeless dialog box, override PostNcDestroy and invoke the delete operator on the this pointer."

  • Yes... I did this But when delete it . function ~CWindowImplRoot() assert line will be hit... could you just have a try for help ... thanks. – fazhang Jul 5 '12 at 1:42

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